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Praline and Nut Chocolate Gifts - Shop Max Brenner | USA

Praline Chocolate and Nut Gifts

Discover Premium and luxury handcrafted pralines and chocolate gift boxes for any occasion. Each assortment of pralines are carefully curated to create the perfect praline and chocolate gift boxes.
Max Brenner chocolate pralines are made in the shape of small cubes, as is customary in France. Because of the thick texture of the chocolate, each cube provides a complete sense of satisfaction.

All of the pralines are made with natural flavors (such as lavender petals, lemon oil, or roasted coconut shavings) and contain no artificial ingredients. When liqueurs are added to chocolate, they are cooked with the chocolate so that there is no fluid liqueur inside the praline and the liqueur flavor is not overpowering (In this regard, French chocolates differ from Belgian chocolates, which are frequently based on a fluid filling of liqueur or cream).

The chocolate pralines are all handcrafted, and the colorful imprints are made with natural edible coloring.

For the chocolate pralines, Max Brenner uses two types of filling:

Ganache/Truffle Filling: This is a French chocolate filling. It's made with a lot of chocolate cooked in butter and fresh sweet cream. These ingredients soften and smoothen the texture. To achieve different flavors, fresh ground spices or dried flowers are mixed into the cream. In some of the recipes, the blend is whipped to create a more light and frothy texture, while in others, the chocolate is left in its heavy and thick form.

Nougat Praline Filling: This filing is a paste of walnuts/almonds and caramel. A closely packed and airless praline filling with a pasty texture and maximum meltability. Note:the term "nougat" is used differently in different countries, including Germany. The Max Brenner filling is totally different from white nougat candy.

Max Brenner chose from a small number of special recipes that require a high level of mastery and skill. Chefs keep these recipes secret and consider them their piece de resistance. There are recipes for marzipan, white nougat, soft caramel, and cocoa truffles among them.

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