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Hot Chocolate Gift Sets

Shop our online collection of gourmet hot chocolate gift sets. We created the perfect gift for those who love a great cup of hot cocoa. Give the gift of a cozy, indulgent drink that will put a smile on anyone's face.


At Max Brenner, our hot chocolate is one of our most popular items - and we know just why. Max Brenner's production line allows each person to experience the flavors and aromas of a wide range of hot chocolate drinks made from specially spiced cocoa beans imported from various exotic locations around the world.

Max Brenner is particularly proud of our line of chocolate powders designed for the preparation of various chocolate beverages. Max Brenner's chocolate powders are of the highest possible quality. The different levels of bean roasting, the variety of countries in which the beans are grown, the type of trees (Forastero, Cariollo, Trinitario), ground soil, and weather conditions are the sources of the diversity of special tastes.

A set of special utensils designed to combine traditional patterns with elegant design for the preparation and serving of hot chocolate drinks allows us to fully enjoy the ceremony of drinking the sweet beverage.

Our Chocolatier is a redesigned traditional pot used to make light and airy hot chocolate beverages. The process extracts the most potent aroma. The unique handle on the pot lid is intended for whipping the beverage and is reminiscent of an antique 'molinet.' Only after the handle has been "locked" can the drink be poured into the cups using the wooden handle on the side of the chocolatier.

Our Suckao is a combination of the words "to suck" and "cocoa." A unique cup with a metallic straw and a candle beneath it. Designed for drinking a smooth and thick hot chocolate beverage. A candle is lit beneath the vessel. In the saucer, combine hot milk with grated chocolate (or chocolate powder). The straw, which also serves as a stirring spoon, is used to drink it.

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