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Sweets are a kind of consolation? How chocolate makes us happier

You may be surprised to know that a number of studies suggest that consuming chocolate, especially dark chocolate, may be associated with a decreased chance of experiencing depression. In fact, a study of over 13,000 people found that people who ate dark chocolate in a 24-hour period were 70% Less likely to experience depressive symptoms than those who did not eat chocolate at all.

How does that happen? Apparently, chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins that are known to help relieve pain and feel pleasure. In addition, some components in chocolate improve mood and others even change brain patterns, these components are probably tryptophan - an amino acid found in chocolate and helps the brain produce serotonin - "the happy hormone" That makes us feel happy and satisfied. Phenylalanine - an essential amino acid with an antidepressant effect that produces the same emotions that can be experienced when falling in love such as increased heart rate, alertness and motivation, and theobromine and caffeine that can give us an energy shot and stimulate the brain.

So, chocolate does contain certain ingredients that make us feel uplifted, but this along with the very thought of the experience of eating chocolate as a coping mechanism and a panacea for a bad mood.

Whether it's a scientifically proven effect or a psychological effect - if eating chocolate makes us feel more uplifted and less likely to feel depressed, we might want to stock up on chocolate packages in times of need, or cheer up our depressed loved ones on chocolate deliveries. Because when something works, does it Does it really matter why it works?

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