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It's time to shatter some myths about chocolate

Since our world is saturated with chocolate-related myths, we decided to take up the gauntlet and dispel some of the most familiar myths we probably all believed in at some point in life - it's time to reveal the truth about them so we can enjoy our chocolate.

Myth # 1: Eating chocolate causes pimples

In all the many studies conducted in the field in an attempt to locate such a link, no causal link has been found between eating chocolate and pimples. Ultimately, the phenomenon of the appearance of pimples have usually other reasons - primarily related to the type of skin and its fat, and the amount of food the saturated fat consumed.

The next time you hear about someone who refuses to chocolate to not to go and to and pimples - feel free to tell him wrong (unless you also do not feel like sharing only been pretending politeness).

Myth # 2: Eating chocolate causes a headache

Here, too, studies examining the issue have found no causal link between eating chocolate and headaches or migraine attacks. So, do yourself a favor, next time your head hurts - do not blame the chocolate, poor thing. He did nothing - overall, he has good intentions.

Myth number 3: There are no positive nutritional values ​​for chocolate

This is a really insulting myth, why? That chocolate is actually a rich source of antioxidants, zinc, calcium and even protein that helps the body to reduce the resistance to its insulin resistance, which may eventually lead to type 2 diabetes. nutrition experts around the world also recommend the daily consumption of controlled dark chocolate. Bitter chocolate is known to contain dietary fiber, minerals and antioxidants that can also be found in green tea and wine. Consumption of chocolate also helps health and, no less important, mood, and the higher the cocoa concentration, it can also reduce the level of stress and strengthen the immune system and memory. So, even if you find it difficult to persevere in performing tasks, here is a fun one: Eat dark chocolate once a day!

Myth number 4: Chocolate causes weight gain

One of the things that most people are afraid of him sometimes often insert food here foretold causes weight gain, then the place to relax - EDIBLE the chocolate in moderation does not blast you into the next weight category. Excessive or excessive eating of any processed food can lead to weight gain - and this is true not only for chocolate. So, do not be afraid to pamper yourself with a decent chocolate package in honor of a happy occasion, you deserve it!

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